Our plant uses proven and modern technology in the field of powder coating. We work with the best materials and devices, so we can deliver a high-quality finished product. See how our technology can affect your business.


Steel products, being the most commonly used building materials in architecture and industry, must be protected against corrosion. Using the guidelines contained in the international standard EN ISO 12944 concerning corrosion categories from C1 to C5 along with the expected durability periods (L-M-H) are the basis for us to prepare an offer that meets the specific needs of our customers.

In close cooperation with leading manufacturers of chemicals and in compliance with the technological regime supported by regular quality controls, we guarantee the highest level of service for all types of materials, such as black steel, galvanized (hot dip, galvanic), aluminum or stainless steel.


By choosing our paint shop, you go for a trustworthy partner that will meet your expectations in the field of sophisticated industrial design. Our cooperation with many suppliers of powder coatings ensures the optimal selection of coatings that provide protection against chemical and mechanical factors, and also offer a wide range of colour, gloss and structure variants.

Our services include:

  • colors including the RAL colour palette, as well as colors adapted to the individual requirements of customers,
  • a range of visual effects: smooth surfaces, thin and thick structures, metallic and pearl effects, 3D effects, antique effects,
  • special applications, e.g. antibacterial, highly chemical resistant or so-called anti-graffiti.


As long-time practitioners in various industries, we are well aware of the importance of obtaining and maintaining the required quality. For this purpose, it is necessary to maintain the parameters of the technological process at every stage of the provided service.

Thanks to the possession of high-class measuring equipment, we are able to test and confirm the parameters of surface preparation before coating, such as pH, solution concentration and bath or spray temperature. These parameters are tested and recorded daily.

For each order, we determine with the client, or on the basis of our own experience, the thickness of the applied coating as well as the number and distribution of control points. During and after coating, we check this parameter and make it available for customers on request. In addition to the thickness of the layer itself, we also check adhesion and gloss.

In order to ensure the above-mentioned aspects, it is also extremely important to check other parameters of the processes, such as the temperature in the polymerization chamber (in the oven) or the specialized parameters of the applicator.

At the customer’s special request, we are able to carry out other specialized tests with cooperating companies regarding the quality of lacquer coatings (e.g. neutral salt spray test, impact resistance or wet resistance).