Service powder paint shop in Lubin


Household Appliances

We powder coat, e.g. housings of washing machines, refrigerators or dishwashers.


We powder coat, e.g. rims and elements of radiators and units.


We powder coat, e.g. bicycles, fitness equipment and camping equipment.


We powder coat, e.g. housings of computers and other equipment.


We powder coat, e.g. posts, balustrades and road signs.


We powder coat, e.g. parts of machines and devices, and element covers.


Munus is a Latin noun that means service, but also duty and task. Each project is a commitment for
us, which we make by providing high-class solutions. Our actions are guided by four key values:
quality, flexibility, support and trust. Check why it is worth working with us!





Munus.pl is a service powder paint shop, serving Customers, e.g. from the area of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship. The main advantage of our company is a modern technological background, which includes newly purchased cabins or applicators.

We are also distinguished from the competition by the use of chemical technology, which allows us to achieve very good parameters of the finished product.

However, experience and technology, as well as a complete technological park, are only tools and ways to achieve high quality products. We know that relationships with partners based on trust and support are equally important.

We focus on flexibility that allows us to meet the expectations of even the most demanding partners. We know that long-standing relations bring the best results.

Our advantage is also an excellent location – right at the intersection of important communication routes – the S3 expressway and the DK94 provincial road.

Find out more about our company and check why our offer is highly appreciated by business partners.


Powder coating consists in applying powder coating to a properly prepared surface, e.g. black steel, aluminum or white metal. The powder layer remains on the coated surface thanks to electrostatic forces, and thanks to the technology used, it has good anti-corrosion properties.

Details covered with paint are heated to even 200 degrees Celsius, which leads to melting and polymerization of the powder. The coating subjected to such a finish is definitely more resistant to mechanical damage or the effects of high temperature.

The main advantages of powder coating include:

  • limiting the harmful impact on the environment (excluding thinners and solvents from the production process),
  • almost full use of the coating material and the possibility of recovering non-sedimented particles in the production process,
  • optimal level of electricity consumption, e.g. thanks to the use of closed ventilation systems,
  • masking minor defects arising in the mechanical working process,
  • appropriate security – e.g. anticorrosive – of the coated details.


We are convinced that our advantage is the technology used and the utilization of equipment from the best suppliers. That is why our products are characterized by such good parameters and precision of workmanship in every detail.

Contrary to most of our competitors, we have focused on a different technology of surface preparation for powder coating. Instead of the popular powder coating (abrasive blasting), our paint shop uses chemical technology.

The modern and carefully tested chemicals ensure very good anticorrosive properties and proper adhesion of coatings.

In the case of black steel, we use the so-called phosphating with degreasing, both by spraying and by immersion. This technology ensures the formation of a conversion layer on the surface of the painted detail that increases corrosion resistance and optimally prepares the surfaces for the application of powder coatings.

In the case of aluminum, galvanized steel and white metal (zinc alloys), also specially prepared chemicals allow to obtain a suitable surface for the application of powder coatings.

Close technological cooperation with leading manufacturers of chemicals (including Haug Chemie, Kairos Polska, Nabu) allows us to prepare the best solution for specific details and the requirements of our customers in a short time.

Find out more about the technology we use and see what benefits we can offer your company.


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